Map of the places where the Isles of the Sea project takes place

About Isles of the Sea Project

The Isles of the Sea Project aims at on-going Bible translation programs in those languages of Polynesia and Micronesia that are committed to the translation of the Scriptures in their own language. We believe that God wants to communicate with all the language communities in this area, in a language they understand. The project is sponsored by The Seed Company.

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Most Recent Updates

Reviewing of the Tikopian New Testament off to a flying start

Most of the Tikopia NT was translated 30 years ago, so it will need a very thorough review before it can be published. One of the reviewers, Nathan Nukusauma, is taking translated books to different Tikopia communities spread over the Solomon Islands, to review the translation together with them. With blackboard-and-chalk and state-of-the-art software, the translation is much improved through this painstaking process.

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Takuu churches witness the power of Takuu Scriptures

What do you do if the churches remain empty, even if the Bible is available in the own language? Bible translator & advisor Tom Puaria engaged with church leaders on his home island to promote prayer, church attendance and engagement with the Scriptures. During a retreat, many people renewed their commitment with God.

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School Literacy Week on Mortlock atoll

(Tom Puaria, April 2016) In April the annual Literacy Week was celebrated on Mortlock Atoll. This year’s theme was “Reading Power”. The School invited me as Guest Speaker to speak on the power of reading. One of the activities that day was a Bible quiz I arranged with teachers. Two teams took the challenge, Team […]

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Meeting with Lord Howe chiefs

On 9 April, Edmond Teppuri met with ten chiefs of the Lord Howe language group. They were excited about the prospect of translating the Old Testament into their own language, and doing this as a project they own themselves.

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Our Movies

Check out our online videos with stories about Bible translation in the Pacific.

Coming of the Good News

This movie tells about how the Good News came to the island of Kapingamarangi. (9 minutes)

It's Our Bible

The Kapingamarangi tell about their Bible translation project. A movie to encourage other language groups to consider starting a Bible translation program in their language. (16 minutes, subtitled in English; version with French subtitles also available)


A movie full of stories from around the Pacific told by Pacific Islanders. This movie encourages people in the Pacific to consider translating the Bible into their own language, or to assist other language groups who are still without the Bible. (15 minutes; version with Chinese subtitles also available)