Carolinian Project

Carolinian (pop. 3,000) is a Micronesian language, part of the Carolinian language continuum. The Carolinian language spoken in the Mariana Islands originates, as the name clearly indicates, from the Caroline Islands far to the south. Migrations have mainly come form the outlying islands of the Yap and Chuuk States of Micronesia. Saipan is an urban environment, so the Carolinian and Chamorro languages spoken there are under strong pressure from English. The Carolinian language manages to preserve viable dialect differences, reflecting the various islands the people have migrated from.

Bible Translation into the Carolinian language

Isles of the Sea translation advisor Cameron Fruit is assisting a small but dedicated team of Carolinian translators. The New Testament is progressing well with all of the books drafted and going through various stages of review. The NT is expected to be published in 2014 or 2015.

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