Nukuria Project

Nukuria (pop. 500) is a Polynesian language in Papua New Guinea. The language is closely related to the language of Takuu, but also has many links to Kapingamarangi in the Federated States of Micronesia. There are no dictionaries or grammars published in the Nukuria language.

Bible Translation in the Nukuria language

In August 2010 Isles of the Sea coordinator Nico Daams and Takuu translator Tom Puaria met with a group of Nukuria men and women to discuss the translation of the Bible into their language. Tom explained the process and what is involved. We made it clear that the responsibility for this project will be theirs, but that we will offer our services as advisors free of charge. Because the language is closely related to the Takuu language, Tom will be their translation advisor, and help the project along with the expertise he has gained as one of the two translators of the Takuu New Testament. Nico will be mentoring Tom and assisting the Nukuria project. Currently the Nukuria community is in the process of setting up a translation committee and beginning a fund raising drive to support their translation project.

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