Kapingamarangi Bible Dedicated

(December 19, 2014) The Kapingamarangi Bible was shipped to the home island of the Kapingamarangi people, in the week before Christmas. The SIL consultants for this project were unable to be present due to late changes in the shipping schedule, so the dedication was an all-Kapingamarangi affair. A number of members of the Kapinga Bible translation committee in Pohnrakiet on Pohnpei went to Kapingamarangi to take part in the celebrations on their home island. A few days after Christmas we received this report from Caleb Gamule, the chairman of the committee:

The Bible dedication went very well. Five of us from Pohnrakiet went to Kapinga to join in and we all participated in the program. Sosten Gamule led the service, I myself preached from 2 Timothy 3:16, Henrich Mateaki led the prayers, while Carmina and Emerihda led the singing. The Congregational Church of Pohnpei sent one of their leaders, Midion Neth, to do the dedication.
On December 25, 2014 the Pohnrakiet committee will be commemorating the Bible during their Christmas service. Thank you very much for everything, without you we would have no Bible.

That last statement, although specifically aimed at Nico and Pam Daams, includes all who have contributed to the completion of this project: Without you we would have no Bible.