Kapingamarangi reviewers complete their task

(December 21, 2013) After more than 17 years of reviewing and studying the Scriptures in their own language, the Kapingamarangi reviewers have completed their work! On December 20, the consultant for the project, Nico Daams, received the final books from the reviewers. He is now processing these final books and reading through the entire Bible once more before typesetting can begin in all earnest. But the pre-typesetting process has already started, with Paulus Kieviet looking at some of the main decisions that need to be made such as size of the book, font type and font size. Paulus is currently based in Holland, so a lot of emails are going back and forth!
The Kapingamarangi people would like to have the official dedication of their Bible in July 2014, because this is the month they celebrate the coming the Good News to their island some 100 years ago, and next year they will also be dedicating their new church building in Pohnrakied, the Kapingamarangi settlement on Pohnpei. A second dedication of the Bible is planned on the Kapingamarangi atoll.