Official launch of the Rennell and Bellona Old Testament translation project

For most of 2011, David and Ribeka Tago had been been touring Rennell and Bellona Islands and visiting the local churches. Among other things they had discussed the translation of the Old Testament. In November Nico and Pam Daams
were finally able to visit the two islands accompanied by David Tago. David and Ribeka had done a great job in preparing the people for this visit. The more than 100 people who attended four separate meetings on the islands were well aware that if this was going to be their translation project, they would need to take the responsibility for the project. A number of translation issues were discussed and the decisions were confirmed by each of the committees; one item that was decided was to start by reviewing the already translated book of Genesis. This will give the translation committee members on Rennell and Bellona the opportunity to get the review process going smoothly, while David and Ribeka are completing their studies in PNG.
Back in Honiara, another series of meetings with Honiara residents of the two islands resulted in more people eager to participate in the translation work as reviewers. The SSEC regional director for Rennell and Bellona has volunteered to take care of the distribution of materials to be reviewed, both in Honiara and on the two islands. For Nico and Pam it was exciting to see that 17 years after the New Testament dedication, the translation of the Old Testament is now beginning with people from Rennell and Bellona taking the initiative and the leadership.