The four Gospels in the Nukeria language

(May 2018) The translation of the Gospels in the Nukeria language is finished. They were printed in Australia and shipped to Buka, so the people will have the translation in hand even before the whole New Testament is completed.

On May 5th the three boxes with the newly printed Gospels arrived in Buka, where many Nukeria people live. Tom Puaria, the project advisor, wrote a few days later: “I collected the Bibles last week but David and I held back sales as the Mortlock community here were in a mourning period over the passing of an elderly here in Buka. Now that it is over, we started selling yesterday.
With great excitement and interest from both the Takuu and Nukeria people here; David fears we may not have any left to take back to Nukeria.”

David Taukie on this picture is one of the three people who nearly drowned a few weeks ago as they were on their way back home to Nukeria. And now he is seeing the result of years of translation work!
David and Tom have now decided to keep one box back to take home to the people of Nukeria. This is the first book ever to be published in their language.