The power of God’s Word in the Nukumanu language

(by Edmond Teppuri, January 2015)

Some time after the dedication of our New Testament, I held a workshop in our church after the Sunday service to help my people discover how powerful the Word of God is in our language. I told them that those who are educated should not be proud in how well they can read in English, because the main focus is not how well they can read the Word of God in English but how to get God’s words to the people so that they can understand what God is telling them. I told them that I have a point to prove on how powerful the Word of God is in our language. (Read more on how Edmond did this.)

Reading the word of God in Nukumanu is just phenomenal, powerful, touching and colorful to all age groups in our church. Everyone understands God’s message and no one is left out. It’s not like when the Bible is read in English, Pidgin or some other language.

The church has now agreed that all New Testament readings should be read in Nukumanu. The number of people interested in reading the New Testament in our language is increasing. This is a good thing to see.