Biblical Studies in the Solomon Islands

(12 May 2015) Last Friday, three people from the Isles of the Sea team completed the first semester of their Certificate in Biblical Studies study program: Ribeka Tago, Father Walter Tamasia and Edmond Teppuri.
This study program is offered by the Islands Bible School in the Solomon Islands and organised by Dr Alpheaus Zobule of the Islands Bible Ministries Institute. As training of translation advisors has been one of the biggest challenges here in the Pacific, we are overjoyed that this opportunity now exists in the Solomon Islands.
The intensive nine-week course covered:
• Introduction to the Bible
• English Grammar for Bible Students
• Introduction to Biblical Exegesis I
• English Syntax for Bible Students
Thirty-three students participated in this course. Our Isles of the Sea students expressed great satisfaction with this training. It has given them a deeper understanding of the Bible text. Translation was a daily part of the study program, so the course was very relevant for the work they are doing: translating the Bible in their own language, or helping others translating the Bible.
Later this year, the students will continue with the next semester.

A few days after the final day of the first semester, we took this picture of the three Isles participants (from left to right): Fr Walter Tamasia (Tikopia), Edmond Teppuri (Nukumanu, PNG), Ribeka Tago (Rennell-Bellona), David Tago and Nico Daams. (David will be taking the same classes in the evenings spread out over two years, so he can continue with his daytime job as director of the national Bible translation organization of the Solomon Islands, BTLP.)