Historic moment in the Isles of the Sea movement

On Monday May 21, 2012 Nico Daams representing the SIL Pacific Group, Dr Dave Owen, representing the Pacific Islands University, and Mark Taber, representing the SIL Pacific Area, signed an agreement between the SIL Pacific Group and the Pacific Islands University (PIU) in Guam. This agreement is the crowning moment of a partnership that has been growing over the past few years, and will help both parties as we begin this journey together, creating a movement for Bible translation in Micronesia and beyond. The introduction of the agreement states succinctly the reasons that drive this partnership:
SIL Pacific Group (SIL PCG) and Pacific Islands University (PIU), hereby agree to work cooperatively for the following reasons and with expected benefit to both organizations:
• to build vision and capacity for Bible translation as a mission and ministry of the church
• to equip Pacific Islanders in the work of Bible translation
• to build vision among future church leaders for the importance of language in the spiritual growth of the church
• to build capacity so that Pacific Islanders can think theologically in their own language and context

Peter Knapp will begin teaching linguistic and translation courses in August this year. In order to assist students who are showing serious interest in Bible translation, the Isles of the Sea group has established a scholarship fund for students taking the Bible Translation minor at PIU. For more information about the Pacific Islands University go to http://www.piu.edu/

David Owen, Mark Taber and Nico Daams, signing the MOU.