Mwoakilloa translation project started

Monday evening, March 28, 2011, a group of church and community representatives of the Mwoakilloa language group (also known as Mokilese) in the Pohnpei State of the FSM met with translation consultant Nico Daams to discuss what they need to do to begin translating the Bible into their own language. They formally decided to begin the translation project, and elected officers for the translation committee, established a bank account, and also appointed a sub-committee to work on a re-print of the Mwoakilloa hymnbook. A photo was taken of the group of 15 men present to commemorate this historic moment for the Mwoakilloa people.
The next day Nico received word from Peter and Robin Knapp that they accepted the invitation to serve the Lord in Micronesia in a split assignment: serve the Mwoakilloa people as translation advisors and serve as lecturers at the Pacific Islands University, where Isles of the Sea staff are establishing a minor in Bible translation. They hope to be ready for these new assignments in early 2012.
The Mwoakilloa committee will be preparing themselves for their translation work by organising the translators and reviewers, begin fund raising and setting up their bank account.