The Satawalese New Testament: a first version

(February 2019) The Satawalese translators have been working hard to finish all of the New Testament in first draft. All books have been translated now. The translation team considered it would be good to have the whole translation printed, to send it out to various communities for feedback. This month, the translation was printed in Melbourne. It will be shipped to Yap soon, and from there, copies will be sent to Satawal island.

Now this is only a first version. The translation will need to be thoroughly checked and corrected before it’s final, which will require hard work over several years. But this is an important step in the project and a reason for joy. From now on there is a complete New Testament in Satawalese, not only in computer files, but in tangible form: a book that one can see, hold, open and read.

Ready for shipping…