Check of Pa’umotu Gospels finished

(December 2010)
Wednesday December 8 at about 18:00, the Pa’umotu translation team finished the revision of the Gospels. The Gospels were adapted from Tahitian in 2005-2007. After a revision by translation advisor Paulus Kieviet the text was checked by the translation committee, a working committee of the Association “Te Reo o te Tuāmotu”. We are grateful to the Lord who gave us the strength and wisdom to finish this process.

Over the years, many different people have contributed to the process, translating chapters or participating in the revision.

The team will now continue with the translation of the Psalms, equally adapted from Tahitian. In the meantime, the Gospels will be distributed in trial editions, to give people the opportunity to get to know the translation and give feedback.

The team also used the opportunity of Paulus’ visit to get some training in Toolbox, a computer program for making dictionaries. The Paꞌumotu people, who recently got government approval for the foundation of a Language Adacemy, plan to gather lexical data and compose a dictionary of their language. Toolbox can be of great help in this project.