Nukumanu New Testament off to the printer

(October 2013) Last week, the Nukumanu New Testament was sent to the printer in Sri Lanka. Translator Edmond Teppuri (in Buka, PNG) worked together with typesetter Paulus Kieviet (in the Netherlands) in the final stage, during which the text was transformed from a coded computer file to a printable PDF, including maps and pictures. Paulus prepared the files and sent them to Edmond, who checked them and did a last read-through, making the very final corrections. Doing typesetting remotely in this way is possible thanks to the internet, and with help of the SIL centre in Buka, where the page proofs were printed.
The process took a bit longer than expected, as Edmond went to Ukarumpa in August, where he did a five-week Greek course; however, soon after his return to Buka everything was finished. Praise be to God, who enabled all involved to help this project to the finish line.

The books will now be printed, then shipped to Papua New Guinea. The dedication of the Nukumanu New Testament will take place next February, Lord willing.

Click here for a sample of the Nukumanu New Testament.