Translators shipwrecked and rescued

(April 4) Three people involved in the Nukeria translation were shipwrecked on Good Friday while travelling from Buka to their home island. Tom Puaria sent the following report:

Here’s a brief report on the boat mishap involving David Paukie & his wife Angeline and Vincent Teana, all Nukeria translators:
Their 24ft dinghy powered by a 75hp plus 15hp outboard motor, left Buka for Fead Islands last Friday 30th March at midnight.
The boat was hit by huge waves early hours in the morning. The boat sank immediately leaving all passengers holding onto anything that can float. Fortunately another boat also travelling the same route saw their flash lights from where they were swimming and turned toward them and rescued them.
The rescue boat took them to Nissan Island, the nearest island.
David, Angeline, and Vincent are here in Buka to report on that incident.
The Atoll community here has come up with an appeal to all Islanders to assist the passengers with clothing, cash etc.
Fead Islands is about 121 nautical miles north of Buka.

Praise the Lord for their rescue and their safe return to Buka.