Woleai Project

Woleai (pop. 1,400) is a Micronesian language, part of Carolinian language continuum, under influence of Ulithian and somewhat of English but nonetheless strong. Local customs, as on all the outlying islands in Yap and Chuuk states, are still very strong.

Bible Translation into the Woleai language

Around 2010, a number of people on Woleai Yap started on translating the New Testament in their language. For a number of years, they were assisted by Isles of the Sea translation advisor Cameron Fruit. For a few years, there were even two translation teams, working on different parts of Yap.
By early 2019, about 80% of the New Testament had been drafted. Over the next years, translation consultant Paulus Kieviet hopes to work with the team to get the translation consultant checked.

The Woleai translation team. Left to right, front: Joanie Kuor, Lourdes Hasugulfil, Johanna Malimai, Queentina Haleyalgiy, Mary Sanemai. Back: Ignateus Pakaluwow, John Malimai, Peter Haleyalgiy, Augustino Sanemai.

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