Bible translation seminar in Yap

(January 8-11, 2014) Translators from several Micronesian language groups met recently in Yap to learn from each other. One participant expressed the feelings of many when he said, “The sharing from the different groups was very helpful to encourage continual support from each other, restrengthen commitment and give us true joy in what we are doing, especially for His glory.”
Representatives from the Satawal, Woleai, Tobi, Sonsorol and Nukuoro languages shared insights and challenges from their work. Translation advisors from the Saipan Carolinian, Pingelapese, Mwoakilloa and Kapingamarangi translation projects were also present. As participants shared experiences from their work, others gained new ideas to help in their own translation work.
For many, one of the highlights was sharing with brothers and sisters from other denominations. God’s Word brought us together as we were blessed by daily devotions from the Scriptures.
One participant summed up the meetings by saying, “In all the sessions from day one to the last day everything discussed, individually or by group, or even sharing in the bigger group was very informative. I think it will be very helpful to me in my translation group or even personally in my faith as I continue to walk in the call from the Lord.”