Map of the places where the Isles of the Sea project takes place

About Isles of the Sea Project

The Isles of the Sea Project aims at on-going Bible translation programs in those languages of Polynesia and Micronesia that are committed to the translation of the Scriptures in their own language. We believe that God wants to communicate with all the language communities in this area, in a language they understand. The project is sponsored by The Seed Company.

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Most Recent Updates

Obituary of Mrs. Liuaki Fusitu’a

On August 6 2021, Mrs. Liuaki Fusitu’a, member of the Niuafo’ou translation team, passed away. The team wrote this tribute to her.

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More than Bible translation – part 2

Tom Puaria is advisor to the Nukuria translation committee. But as “outsiders” on Nukuria island, he and his wife Sharon are involved in much more than translation. In 2018, they were asked to step in when a conflict between two groups on the island got seriously out of hand. Prayer and counseling were vital to bring about reconciliation.

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More than Bible translation

A Bible translation program may involve much more than just translating the Bible text. Who makes sure that people can actually read their language well, so that they can read the translation without difficulty? And will the translation actually be used in the churches? The Nukeria translation team is involved in both of these things: literacy and Scripture Engagement.

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The isles are waiting… and for Niuafo’ou, the wait is almost over

Niuafo’ou people are eagerly waiting for the New Testament in their language to be finished. Here are a few testimonies from elderly Niuafo’ou speakers.

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Our Movies

Check out our online videos with stories about Bible translation in the Pacific.

Coming of the Good News

This movie tells about how the Good News came to the island of Kapingamarangi. (9 minutes)

It's Our Bible

The Kapingamarangi tell about their Bible translation project. A movie to encourage other language groups to consider starting a Bible translation program in their language. (16 minutes, subtitled in English; version with French subtitles also available)


A movie full of stories from around the Pacific told by Pacific Islanders. This movie encourages people in the Pacific to consider translating the Bible into their own language, or to assist other language groups who are still without the Bible. (15 minutes; version with Chinese subtitles also available)