Map of the places where the Isles of the Sea project takes place

About Isles of the Sea Project

The Isles of the Sea Project aims at on-going Bible translation programs in those languages of Polynesia and Micronesia that are committed to the translation of the Scriptures in their own language. We believe that God wants to communicate with all the language communities in this area, in a language they understand. The project is sponsored by The Seed Company.

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Most Recent Updates

Two drafts of the New Testament finished

Recently, the first draft of the New Testament was finished in Satawal and Niuafo’ou. In the mean time, both translation teams have started on the next steps: a number of thorough checks and revisions of the text.

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The 2017 Isles conference

In February, the Isles of the Sea team got together for a conference in Kangaroo Ground, Australia. It was the first conference since 2011. There were just under 20 participants, coming from seven different countries.

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Support fund for Ribeka Tago

Ribeka Tago, widow of Isles of the Sea team member David Tago, remains fully committed to Bible translation. A fund has now been set up to support her in her living expenses. Donations are welcome and can be made online.

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In memoriam: David Tago (1967 – 2016)

After weeks of suffering, David Tago went to be with His Lord on November 3, 2016, leaving behind his wife Ribeka and four children. His final words were “God is still on His throne”. David’s passing is a great loss for the Isles of the Sea team.

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Our Movies

Check out our online videos with stories about Bible translation in the Pacific.

Coming of the Good News

This movie tells about how the Good News came to the island of Kapingamarangi. (9 minutes)

It's Our Bible

The Kapingamarangi tell about their Bible translation project. A movie to encourage other language groups to consider starting a Bible translation program in their language. (16 minutes, subtitled in English; version with French subtitles also available)


A movie full of stories from around the Pacific told by Pacific Islanders. This movie encourages people in the Pacific to consider translating the Bible into their own language, or to assist other language groups who are still without the Bible. (15 minutes; version with Chinese subtitles also available)